The Ultimate Pool For Crypto Mining (A UI/UX Case Study)

4 min readMay 25, 2023

The Hidden Crypto Treasure

Imagine there’s a special treasure hidden deep inside a big, secret box called a blockchain. This treasure is called cryptocurrency, like digital gold coins. But to get these coins, we need special people called miners.

Crypto Miners

Miners are like super detectives with powerful computers. They work really hard to solve tricky puzzles to unlock the treasure inside the box. When they solve a puzzle, they get rewarded with some cryptocurrency coins.

Miners use their super-fast computers to solve the puzzles by making lots and lots of guesses. Miners need an over-the-wire protocol, called stratum that reduces the headache created by HTTP when used for mining.

The Miners’ Problems

From interactions with crypto miners, I discovered that:

  1. Miners want a convenient way to copy their stratum URLs.
  2. Miners want a handy and intuitive overview of their mining activities, their rewards and their equipment status.
  3. Miners want a profit calculator.
  4. Miners want insights and tips that can help them optimize their mining activities.
  5. Miners want real time updates on their activities, even when they are absent from their powerful computers.

The Solution to Miners’ Problems

After carrying out a lot of primary and secondary research on miners’ needs, crypto mining and cryptography, I came up with the following design solutions:

  1. A Home Page

A home page that displays various coin statistics, the profit on each of the coins and the pool hashrate for each coin.

Hashrate is a measure of how many calculations can be performed per second and can be measured in billions, trillions, quadrillions, and quintillions.

For example, a hashrate of 1TH/s means one trillion calculations can be performed every second.

The Home Page showing different coin overviews with equivalent pool hashrates

2. A Pool Tab

A mining pool that also functions as a dashboard where miners can copy stratum urls from, see their mining activities, mining profits, Hashrate trends and cumulative earnings for every coin they mine.

The pool page is scrollable, in order to see the overview and all miniing activities a miner is performing.
Updates and insights for profitable mining, graphical representation of hashrate trends and reject rate for a selected coin.

3. The Profit Calculator

A simple profit calculator that uses preset formulas to calculate miner’s earnings for each mining activity they carry out.

The calculator tab

Difficulty= Current Coin Value,

Price= Reward Per Block,

PPS Fee Rate= Future Coin value.

Testing and Deployment

To test the usability of Noonpool, a series of usability tests with cryptocurrency miners were conducted. I observed how they interacted with the prototype, asked them to perform specific tasks, and collected feedback on their experiences.

Based on the feedback received, I made several changes to the app to improve its usability, including:

  1. Simplified the interface: I removed unnecessary elements to make the interface less cluttered and easier to navigate.
  2. Added More Feedback: I added more visual feedback to help miners understand what was happening when they interacted with the app.
  3. Improved App Performance: Optimized the app’s performance to ensure it was fast and responsive.


Together with the team of Developers and Project Manager, we created a cryptocurrency mining app for blockchain miners that is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. We were able to achieve this by conducting thorough user research and usability testing, we were able to create an app that meet the needs and expectations of our target audience.

With its real-time monitoring, rewards tracking, equipment management, and valuable insights, Noonpool app is sure to be a valuable tool for cryptocurrency miners looking to maximize their earnings.

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Noonpool is available for download on Google Play store.
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